In-house testing solutions for the Cannabis & Hemp Industry

“The most accurate & cost-effective potency testing solution for the Cannabis and Hemp Industries”

The Solution

Based on the proven lab testing technology this system’s high quality and high performance help you to achieve maximum return on investment and lowest cost per test without sacrificing accuracy!!


CANNABIS & HEMP                  

Potency Testing:  Ionization Labs offers a lab grade, simple to use, accurate, and affordable cannabis & hemp potency analyzer.

Unlike other “potency testers”, our solution is based upon the “gold-standard” lab testing potency protocol; HPLC (high-pressure liquid chromatography)


Spot purchase decisions • Crop growth tracking • Pre-Certification Screening • R&D • Strain validation • Peak harvest strategy • Crop valuation • Cultivation element evaluation (lighting, nutrients, watering, grow medium)

Solution Overview: 

Ionization Labs has taken this otherwise complicated to operate device and built a software solution overlay to allow for accurate potency testing by those with even remedial science skills can successfully operate producing accurate and valuable data over and over again!



Basic training (a few hours). High-school level science protocols combined with simple step-by-step easy to read and follow UX/UI (user experience / interface) make this solution turn-key.



Utilizes the gold-standard technology protocol for potency testing (HPLC) from one of world’s leading laboratory chemical analysis device hardware manufacturers. Our LOD (level of detection) is PPB (parts per billion) *Note our solution platforms at the quality level of a laboratory based HPLC analytical device.



Our proprietary software solution increases in business productivity and development.



Our solution subscription fees are at a level that most small to medium sized operations can afford. Our cannabinoid potency profile test is a fraction of the cost offered by major cannabis labs. This compared to a US average of $99+



Our solution can process (15) fifteen of the most prevalent cannabinoids in less than 12 minutes. Most jurisdictions require only the top 10 cannabinoids for upper level certification, and we exceed this value and continue to update our chemical library on an ongoing basis

Coming Soon: 

  • Terpene Screening – Ionization Labs will soon release a simple to operate terpene screening solution offering super-fast results.
  • Solvent Screening – Ionization Labs will soon release a simple to operate solvent screening solution offering super-fast results.

Revolutionizing product testing


The Ionization Labs “Canna Potency Screener”  an integrated system for HPLC analysis for analytical QA/QC applications. Based on the proven technology this system’s high quality and high performance help you to achieve maximum return on investment and lowest cost of use.  .


High performance software

Our proprietary software user interface has simplified complicated analysis processes, allowing staff with even basic skills to perform tests that produce valuable testing data fast and accurately.


Optimized for everyday productivity

exceptional accuracy and superior precision for all routine applications.


Fully Compliant

with all requirements for regulatory LC applications.


Industry leading quality and long-life

hardware platform built by global manufacturing leader of analytical devices


Fast, trouble-free startup

every system is tested in its final configuration.



hardware choices and all-in-one configurations include an isocratic or gradient pump, manual injector or vial autosampler, column oven and variable wavelength detector.


Future Proof

refractive index, fluorescence or evaporative light scattering detector, or a 6000 Series single quadrupole MS.


Higher resolution and faster run times

the optimized system delivers up to 600 bar to utilize smaller particle size columns.


Low Detection Limits

using a variable wavelength detector up to 80 Hz.


Maintain stable temperatures with included column oven.

with included column oven.

Revolutionizing product testing

how it works

Our unique hardware and software platform collects real-time data that is processed in the cloud for fast chemical analysis and advanced analytics reporting. Our solution is fast, accurate, cost-effective, and simple to use so that a layman can operate it.

The founders/scientists/developers that developed our chemical data platform are the top in their fields and have extensive experience & background in analytical device technology design & development, miniaturization, software development, Fortune 100 program management, big data, semiconductor manufacturing, agriculture, petro-chemical, food & beverage manufacturing, as well as experience in highly regulated markets.

The first affordable, highly scalable, accurate, and simple to use testing unit, rivals that of much more expensive and cumbersome market available laboratory equipment. The valuable real-time data is securely collected and streamed to the cloud for data analysis and analytics.

Subscription program overview

We have developed a subscription that offers our clients maximum value for highly-accurate simplified testing.  All subscription fees cover everything you need to perform your test.  We provide all the consumables required.

*Site-Setup / Training / Delivery / Installation 1 x $10,000