Revolutionizing Product Testing

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in house potency testing solution

Cannabis and Hemp

Simply Accurate – Cannabis and Hemp potency




“Gold-Standard” – HPLC



15 Cannabinoids 15 minutes



Basic Skills to Operate


Cost Effective

Low as $23/test

Turn-Key Solution Subscription
Everything you need to start running lab accurate potency

*Deposit applied to equipment purchase, lease and testing

*No risk reservation deposit
Secure your solution and savings today

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Fresh off our successful launch @ MJ BizCon. We are taking a 100% fully refundable reservation. Limited number of units are available now for Jan./Feb. 2019.

Take control of your potency testing for quality with your own “in-house” turn-key testing solution.

Combine our simplified “gold-standard” HPLC hardware platform with our “turn-key” per test subscription to give you the industry’s most cost effective and simple to operate potency testing solution.


Subscription includes:

All consumables, licensing, hardware, support, and ancillary equipment necessary to perform potency testing. Puts the power of immediate potency data into your hands to give you control of many of your business outcomes.

Benefits to the No-Risk Reservation Deposit:

  • “Partner Pricing”: $6,000 off MSRP
  • 50% off Set-up Fee – $2,500 Value
  • 1st 100 Tests Free – $2,500 Value

Offered to 1st 50 Applications Only

15 Cannabinoids / 15

  • THC-A9

  • THC-A8

  • THCA

  • THCV


  • cbd

  • cbda

  • cbdv

  • cbdva

  • cbc

  • cbn

  • cbna

  • cbga

  • cbg

  • cbla

Revolutionizing product testing

how it works

Our unique hardware and software platform collects real-time data that is processed in the cloud for fast chemical analysis and advanced analytics reporting. Our solution is fast, accurate, cost-effective, and simple to use so that a layman can operate it.

The founders/scientists/developers that developed our chemical data platform are the top in their fields and have extensive experience & background in analytical device technology design & development, miniaturization, software development, Fortune 100 program management, big data, semiconductor manufacturing, agriculture, petro-chemical, food & beverage manufacturing, as well as experience in highly regulated markets.

The first affordable, highly scalable, accurate, and simple to use testing unit, rivals that of much more expensive and cumbersome market available laboratory equipment. The valuable real-time data is securely collected and streamed to the cloud for data analysis and analytics.

Subscription program overview

We have developed a subscription that offers our clients maximum value for highly-accurate simplified testing.  All subscription fees cover everything you need to perform your test.  We provide all the consumables required.

*Site-Setup / Training / Delivery / Installation 1 x $10,000