In-house testing solutions for the Cannabis & Hemp Industry

Affordable • Accurate • Simple


How It Works

Ionization Labs is THE Gold Standard of cannabis chemical testing



Affordable quality potency testing that takes only a few hours to learn.



Pre-mixed, pre-measured kits make testing simple and accurate.
Less steps = less variation = consistency + accuracy every time



Faster than traditional testing and able to test for more! Most jurisdictions require testing for the top 10 cannabinoids but we test for 15 and add as more are discovered.



Your raw chemical testing data is processed in the Cloud providing secured protection and access to historical data.

The Gold Standard of Potency Testing

We give cannabis and hemp professionals with no science background, a competitive advantage. Ionization Lab’s solution utilizes HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) to test potency. We’ve taken a complicated process and simplified it with easy equipment and affordable cost.

The Most Cost Efficient In-House Testing Solution

We remove the guesswork and waiting time, but provide data that influences growing decisions. Whether you’re a small growing operation or ready to expand, we improve the way you run your business.

No Risk Guarantee

We invite you to secure your pre-sale preferred pricing with a $420 deposit.
There are a limited number available for pre-sale and by pre-ordering now, save 50% off of retail. The pre-order deposit is fully refundable and you can cancel anytime before your unit ships.

What people are saying

“No one in the business world needs reliable testing more than those in the legal marijuana and hemp industries. Ionization Labs is actually putting the power of lab quality chemical analysis testing into the hands of the companies themselves.”

– California Business Journal

Who we are

Other products on the market may claim to offer some of the same benefits, but in reality, only Ionization Labs offers the an in-house solution that takes into account all facets of your cannabis & hemp operation. A testing solution must be simple to operate, fast, cost effective, and accurate. Our competitors do not use the “gold-standard” HPLC for potency testing and those who do, sacrifice accuracy and don’t account for limited technical experience.

By combining a team with backgrounds in business, science, technology and data analytics, experts agree that Ionization Labs. has developed a groundbreaking platform that delivers accurate results time and time again. We call it “Simply Accurate.”

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In-house testing provides immediate access to the data you need

to make important decisions and control outcomes.

From identifying ideal harvest time to running consistent extraction batches, Ionization labs supportlabs support you with low-cost, accurate, and simple to use potency testing solution for the top 15+ cannabinoids all within 15 minutes.

Combining an in-house potency testing solution that is similar to what is used for state certification (HPLC) with your certification testing, gives you an unprecedented tool that decreases variables and gives confidence in data across operational processes.


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