How it works

Solution Subscription for Cannabis and Hemp



It’s as easy as




First, we take lab grade HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) Then we add a propriety simplified and intuitive analysis software


This means you get the same equipment used in certification labs but no need for a high cost PhD level Tech to operate!

All lab grade quality testing uses consumable parts including chemistry to prepare a sample and run a test. This is called sample prep.


Turn-key Sample Preparation Kits, or SPK’s, take all the guess work and variables OUT and puts accuracy & consistency IN potency testing



Then we add our unique subscription program that includes everything you need to support an ongoing accurate potency testing program

Everything needed to support an on-going potency testing solution program

We’ve created the most simplified sample-prep program available. Pre-Measured, Pre-Filled, Pre-Packaged kits are included in your monthly subscription that drops per cost tests as low as $18 a test.


Using Cann-id gives you data that is cost-effective, consistent, reproducible and accurate!



Cost Effective


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