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In-House Potency Testing Solutions

for Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis & hemp industry professionals no longer have to sacrifice accuracy when employing in-house potency testing. With Ionization Labs potency testing solution. The choice is “simply accurate”

There’s no doubt that the cannabis industry is moving at a lightning pace, and as regulations and standards seem to be constantly changing, it can become challenging and expensive to keep up with it all. While things are generally moving in the right direction when it comes to legalization and quality benchmarks, any new guideline that growers must adhere to can bring with it a do-or-die type of mindset.

Not only are medical and recreational cannabis operations affected by these shifts in the industry, hemp can also bear the brunt of not being up to snuff, putting industry leaders in the tough position of having to spend even more time, money, and energy carefully scrutinizing their product. Let’s explore a bit of background when it comes to cultivating cannabis and uncover the primary way that the lives of growers can be made much simpler.


A Test You Can’t Study For

While many may argue against the FDA and DEA classifications, marijuana is not yet considered a pharmaceutical, and yet it has to undergo very specific testing and meet regulatory criteria before being purchased by consumers. While the 2018 Farm Bill is poised to change the nation’s viewpoints on hemp, the same strict standards apply. In this case any plant measuring above .3% THC cannot be utilized for nutraceutical purposes, and must be destroyed.

The process of undergoing this quality control is often outsourced to offsite labs, and it can take upwards to 5-7 business days to weeks before growing outfits receive their results. That means weeks and potentially months of their year are spent cultivating plants to the best of their ability, tapping into all of their experience and hoping that the cannabis gods will have mercy on them. Quality, consistency, and of course THC levels are all components that must come in within certain guidelines, particularly for hemp, or else crops may be destroyed by compliance organizations.


Technology Becomes Proactive

While there are certainly plenty of processes that growers can draw from in order to develop products that meet the high standards of multiple regulatory departments nationwide, there’s still an element of caution involved. Now imagine if these same experts could measure these key metrics during a plant’s growth cycle and receive their results instantly instead of playing the waiting game and spending large amounts of money on testing – wouldn’t that forever change the industry as we know it?

One of the groups leading this effort is Ionization Labs, a fast moving company that has created such a solution with a user-friendly interface for the layman operator. Their simple chemistry protocols take only a few hours to learn. “Our solution is not at all aimed to replace certification lab testing. In fact, we feel we could even augment throughput capabilities by utilizing our solution in their labs.” Says Alex Andrawes, CEO of Green Ocean Sciences, Inc./Ionization Labs.

With laboratory quality potency testing equipment, Ionization Labs offers a business solution that’s more powerful than many realize. Growth monitoring in the hemp industry ensures that your plants don’t go “hot” (above .3% THC) and can be completed using a plug and play process that delivers accurate results with ease, within 20 minutes.

Other products on the market may claim to offer some of the same benefits, but in reality, only Ionization Labs has a full understanding of the technology required to provide accurate results. Popular competitor options include utilizing UV light-based sensor techniques that leaves limited room for future adaptability, non repeatability, and also tends to skew one’s results based upon the method of data collection. By combining a team with backgrounds in business, science, technology and data analytics, experts in the industry agree that Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. has developed a groundbreaking platform that delivers accurate results time and time again.


Changing The Future

The cost savings alone are dramatic when you realize how Ionization Labs can provide data that influences growing decisions and removes the guesswork and waiting time that comes with utilizing offsite testing. Nothing is worse than spending $100 on a potency test, only to realize that your chemical data is now obsolete. Whether you’re a small growing operation that’s just getting its feet wet or you’re ready to expand your current operation, it’s products like ours that help to lower the barrier to entry and can permanently change the way that you run your business.

“Our cost-effective solution is comprised of ‘gold-standard’ HPLC hardware combined with proprietary software designed to offer real-time data that allows you to make decisions in a matter of minutes instead of constantly waiting days for QA/QC test results to return from the outside lab. Our potency testing solution is focused on a simple/low-cost data acquisition without sacrificing accuracy,” described Cree Crawford, President and COO at Green Ocean Sciences, Inc./Ionization Labs.

In the future, Ionization Labs will be releasing additional tools that take your data one step further with solvent and terpene screening, both through the use of user-friendly equipment that’s “simply accurate”. When the success of your business hinges upon the accuracy in which you cultivate your plants, why not use every tool possible to ensure your efforts don’t go to waste?

James Peters, Public Relations
Green Ocean Sciences, Inc.