introducing the most advanced body work tools ever invented. meet the holy roller and the Chosen one.

We are a group of doctors and medical professionals who use a collaborative approach to healing our patients.  We work together, hand-in-hand, to give you the best, most advanced treatments that are available.   When we realized the best tools for muscle fascia release, and spinal & body alignment didn’t exist we invented them. 

we are working to set a new standard: our approach

Together we come up with the optimal personalized protocol for each unique individual. This is a True Holistic Program taken to another level. Our primary goal is to develop a clear cut plan to completely change your life with all the tools you’ll need.  This will save you time and money in an abundance. Another important goal is to discover your very own personalized healing protocol for the future so you’ll always know exactly what to do to heal. We enable you to experience and learn the most important skill in life; taking care of your health.  Our promise to you is only the finest quality care, a genuine concern for your best interest, and an honest exchange of love and kindness.We don’t treat the symptoms nor diagnose disease; we dig to find the CAUSE; emotionally, neurologically, and metabolically.  We are not the typical uncaring, impersonal doctors. You are not just a patient, but a friend and our mission. Traditional Western medicine and its doctors are the finest in the world for dealing with care in regards to only short-term benefit. But to stave off chronic problems or diseases, to better control or even reverse disease states and debilitation, and to train people in the art and science of wellness and self-healing, functional medicine is a necessity.


There are many different options in treating illness and biological imbalances in your body.  Chronic illness results from physical and/or emotional and/or spiritual imbalances. Currently, we work primarily on the first two, but we must acknowledge that we have seen, and been part of, major transformations that cannot be medically explained by physical or emotional treatments.  Our motto is ‘Invite the Miracle.’

unleash your bodies natural healing abilities

THE POWER OF the most advanced alternative healing IS IN YOUR HANDS


Normal medical labwork

Although bodywork is an extremely important part of the healing process we often use objective measures of body health and progress to cure.  This usually includes some testing at Labcorp. 

Functional medical labwork

We use various innovative and cutting-edge laboratories and techniques to analyze our patients blood and stool to help make or verify a diagnosis and/or treatment and to monitor progress.


First Consult

To help you in your healing process Holistic Medica offers each new patient a free 10 minute Q & A session with one of our doctors.  That way, you can decide if it’s right for you.

Collaborative Team

As you are probably starting to understand, we are pretty big on collaborating with other doctors and health care professions to ensure you get the best care possible.


Symptoms = Warning

Symptoms are not the enemy.  Symptoms are analogous to a warning light on the dash of your car.  Symptoms help point us to the root cause.

Work For Cure

We always work towards finding and fixing the root cause.  Treating symptoms is surely part of what we do, and is a natural part of our healing approach, but the goal is always seek the cure.

striving for excellence

Our Vision

We’ve extensively studied a variety of very successful experts in their speciality field and many other wellness protocols from very successful alternative medicine practitioners around the US. There is so much misinformation out there and it’s extremely hard to differentiate what is valid and what is not. We take the hard work out of it so you can learn about and practice the right things. Our team has an expert in nearly every major natural medicine field including: Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Environmental Expert, Certified Personal Trainers, and Body Mind Specialist.  

To further understand our basic philosophical approach to wellness, Lets start with some science and a couple key definitions. First, let’s define  What is Health by using fundamentals scientific Truths regarding Health and Sickness.

Homeostasis:  the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.

Innate Intelligence: – 2nate (inborn) Intelligence is the force responsible for the organization, maintenance and healing of the body’s Innate Intelligence, as an explanation for the presence of intelligence in an organism is in conflict with the overwhelmingly scientifically supported evolution by means of natural selection, neuroscience and genetics.

Health will be defined  by using 10 fundamentals scientific Truths regarding Health and Sickness:

1. All living things, including humans are composed of individual cells working harmoniously together in a self healing and self regulating ecosystem to maintain homeostasis, health and life.

2.Our cells are innately or genetically equipped from birth with all the necessary intelligence to function properly. Our cells are programmed for homeostasis and health and they Never dysfunction without a physical, emotional, chemical or spiritual stressor.

3. Our cells are genetically programmed with the perfect recipe for health. It is our choices and our living environment that determined whether or not the proper ingredients are supplied

4. Health by definition is a state of consistent homeostatic cell function

5. Sickness by definition is a lack of consistent homeostatic cell function. Sickness is a lack of health just as darkness is a lack of light.

6. The function of our cells is determines our states of health and sickness

7. Anything that causes a disruption of homeostasis to a cell is a stressor.

8. All stresses can be divided into one of two categories: a. deficiencies in the required ingredients for homeostatic cell function and b. anything that interrupts normal cell function.

9. Because cells are born with all the required innate genetic intelligence for homeostasis and health, cells always function perfectly in relationship to any given environment. symptoms do not represent an error in the intelligence of cells. symptoms represent important symptoms telling you that something is wrong. That there is a deficiency or toxicity and that they’re under stress.

10. You can only be as healthy as your cells and in order for them to function correctly all the requirements must be met and and be free of toxins.