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The holy roller & the chosen one

It’s super simple…you connect your exist bodywork massage ball, tip, etc to our connector bar.  The connector bar gives you new leverage and connects you, the practitioner, to you patient in a whole new way.


This means you get to use most of the same equipment that you have now, but in a different more intuitive way. 

Made of machined aluminum and carbon fiber this tool is light enough for anyone to handle it.


Don’t let the light weight fool you.  This tool allows the deepest penetration with the lightest pressure.  It’s sounds impossible.  It’s not.

Light, Strong & Durable

We offer an unrivaled warranty program.  If you are the original owner, you’ve got a lifetime warranty.  Period.


If you don’t agree that this is the best body work tool you have ever used, simply return it within the first 10 days.  No questions asked.

We can add drawings and descriptions here.


New Massage Tools

May 1, 2019

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