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introducing the most advanced body work tools ever invented. meet the holy roller and the Chosen one.

We are a group of doctors and medical professionals who use a collaborative approach to healing our patients.  We work together, hand-in-hand, to give you the best, most advanced treatments that are available.   When we realized the best tools for muscle fascia release, and spinal & body alignment didn’t exist we invented them. 

unleash your bodies natural healing abilities

THE POWER OF the most advanced alternative healing IS IN YOUR HANDS


Bodywork is extremely important in the healing process but it’s only part of it.  The Holistic Medica Group offers a comprehensive alternative approach to dealing with symptoms or an illness.  Sometimes figuring out what is wrong and why it’s not working well is a complicated process; this process is greatly simplified with affordable tests that we know and trust.

Functional medical labwork

We use various laboratories and techniques to analyze our patients blood and stool to help make or verify a diagnosis and/or treatment and to monitor progress.

First Consult

To help you in your healing process Holistic Medica offers each new patient a free 10 minute Q & A session with one of our doctors.  That way, you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Collaborative Team

As you are probably starting to understand, we are pretty big on collaborating with other doctors and health care professions to ensure you get the best care possible.  

Symptoms = Warning

Symptoms are not the enemy.  Symptoms are analogous to a warning light on the dash of your car.  Symptoms help point us to the root cause.

Work For Cure

We always work towards finding and fixing the root cause.  Treating symptoms is surely part of what we do, and is a natural part of our healing approach, but the goal is always cure. 

we are working to set a new standard

There are many different options in treating illness and biological imbalances in your body.  Chronic illness results from physical and/or emotional and/or spiritual imbalances. Currently, we work primarily on the first two, but we must acknowledge that we have seen, and been part of, major transformations that cannot be medically explained by physical or emotional treatments.  Our motto is ‘Invite the Miracle.’

need to get this right. simple. cost effective

Our Vision

All businesses, regardless of size, should have access to in-house real-time analytical testing to do in-house R&D, improve process control and maintain quality assurance and safety. Collecting relevant chemical data in real-time puts the right information in the hands of the right people.

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