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Ionization Labs is an in-house solution for cannabis professionals who want to take control of their testing and have a competitive advantage. We’ve taken a complicated process and simplified it with easy equipment and affordable cost.


We give cannabis and hemp professionals with no science background, a competitive advantage. Ionization Lab’s solution utilizes HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) to test potency.

15 Minutes

Ionization Labs generates a full potency report for 15 cannabinoids in less than 15 minutes. We add cannabinoids as they’re identified so you have the most updated cannabinoids available.

Cost Effective

Pay as little as $18 per potency test. Ionization Labs is committed to providing quality, cost-effective and accurate chemical analysis business solutions.

Simple & Accessible

Our simple solution is designed for the average non-technical individual. Plus, our approach takes into account industry nuances and requirements.


Ionization labs uses the gold-standard HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography to test potency. HPLC limits variables between in-house results and certification lab results. We combine highly-accurate hardware elements and proprietary software to create a “Cannabis Business Solution’ that is unsurpassed.

accurate. simplified. cost effective

the gold standard of potency testing

We give cultivators, extractors, and product developers accurate testing results in minutes instead of days.

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Who we are

Ionization Labs makes lab quality chemical testing available to the masses. By doing so, we help bring transparency, honesty, fairness, safety, and integrity to the businesses and peoples of the world. Ionization Labs, a Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. company, is comprised of industry leaders in the cannabis industry with backgrounds in business, science, technology, and analytics data.  We are committed to bringing very accurate, simplified, and cost-effective chemical analysis to industry professionals that, in the past, have not had these resources to utilize.

Ionization Labs, a Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. company, is comprised of industry leaders in the cannabis industry with backgrounds in business, science, technology, and analytics data.  We are committed to bringing very accurate, simplified, and cost-effective, chemical analysis to industry professionals that have in the past have not had the resources to utilize.

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accurate. simplified. cost effective

Our Vision

All businesses, regardless of size, should have access to in-house real-time analytical testing to do in-house R&D, improve process control and maintain quality assurance and safety. Collecting relevant chemical data in real-time puts the right information in the hands of the right people.

Value Sell

Value Sell

Value Sell

Value Sell

“gold-standard” lab testing

Why we are different

The more successful the cannabis industry has become, the more consumer products become available within the medical and recreational market, including hemp. Legally produced cannabis products must be first tested and certified before they can be sold to consumers in both the retail and medicinal markets. Testing is one of the most important steps in this process, as it ensures quality, safety and consistency for consumption.  As such, there is a high demand for testing services.


Current testing services do not offer effective turn-around times and it is very expensive.  Producers of raw flower and cannabis-produced products utilize testing not only for certification to sell, but also to test for ensuring quality, consistency and for R&D purposes.  It often takes 5+ days average to return results after the product is sent to be tested off-site. It is very challenging to run an operation with this limitation. The solution to this is an accurate, high-volume, low-cost testing solution which Ionization Labs has developed.


Our company, Ionization Labs, has created the best-of-breed QA/QC cannabinoid testing solution for the cannabis industry. We created this tool with a firm and grounded understanding of this industry’s history, direction, requirements and nuances from a hands-on operational, compliance, and scientific perspective.  Utilizing our tools will effectively increase productivity and decrease overhead for growers/cultivators and cannabis product producers and help to increase quality, consistency and safety for consumers.

ionization labs

In the news

Ionization Labs’ Testing Solutions Helps Make Legal Marijuana and Hemp Products Safe and Consistent.

By Shawn Price, California Business Journal

The first thing Cree Crawford and Alex Andrawes want you to know about their company, Ionization Labs, is that it’s not actually a laboratory, but a group of science and business minds that have developed a novel approach and solution to what has been limited to centralized testing labs.

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